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Oil Slick PPC. Successful digital marketing for the Cannabis industry

May 13, 2019 3 min read


Last year Oil Slick started our in-house SEM agency.  After a year of Incredible results I am very glad to announce that we are accepting NEW clients who need search engine marketing that pays.

If you are reading this then I can assume 3 things about your company

1) You know the value of Pay Per Click and how important it is in 2019

2) You know the struggle of marketing in the cannabis industry

3) You want to hire an agency that only charges for RESULTS

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SlickPPC has a unique perspective.  Because we are part of your industry we understand your market in a way no other PPC/SEM agency can begin to approach.  

I like to keep my message short and to the point.  But many of you might like to get into the nitty gritty.  Below I am going to cover the basics, and if you would like to know more, just hit the contact link and one of our team will reach out to do an individual review.  No obligation, just information.  Takes about 15 minutes.

 SEO is dead in 2019


SEO (search engine optimization) is outdated in 2019.  SEM (search engine marketing) is the way to measure your returns and get immediate results. 

PPC (pay per click) shows you where your returns truly are. 

SlickPPC uses a flat fee/flat percentage based approach.  We get more when you get more.  We practice innovative strategies (SKAG SPAG Click Funnels) practiced by the top 2% of agencies.  None of them bring the industry insights we offer.

PPC gaining ground

Why is SEO an outdated concept? 

In 2019 over 75% of ANY GOOGLE SEARCH is a paid result!

Even the longest running websites with the best SEO appear at the BOTTOM of the first page results.  The good news is that if you know how, you can pay pennies to win that top spot.  Results happen OVERNIGHT instead of months and years down the road.

Benefits of PPC

Why is PPC better than any other form of advertising?   Measurable ROI

Print, Expos, Trade expensive shot in the dark. 

PPC is Measurable

Online Marketing is insanely measurable.  Cost per click, # of phone calls, visits to your online or retail location.  All can be measured down to the penny.  You know exactly whats working almost right away.

We spent over $1 Million on Shows and print ads prior to 2017.  30k on a High Times booth was normal...$4k for a full page ad was a bargain.  We had no way to know what was working.  Now we know what every visit, sale, call, signup costs...and we fine tune profits instead of just hoping for results.  If you are trapped in the trade show cycle we should talk.

 Why PPC?

I dont need to tell you that.  In 2017 Google changed the amount of paid search they show above Organic results.  Do a google search for your product or brand.  See the top results?  Thats all PPC.   

Why hire an agency?  

In an nutshell, 4x the work and results in half the time.  We do this 24/7.  An Agency gets a ton of work done quickly and with zero room for mistakes.  We have in-house creative and copywriting.  Our path to success is to grow your businesses and prove it to you every day.  

Why Choose SlickPPC?

We get results.  You pay a flat fee for what we do, and you control the spend, the accounts and you own the data.  You see results very quickly with our PPC strategies, no waiting for months while you debate whether something is working.

Our understanding of your business cannot be overstated.

Getting online results is about understanding what your customer is going to search for.  Not just keywords..intentions.  "Show me headdy pendies"  or "whats the dankest ganja in Denver"  is not the culture of even the biggest most expensive SEM agencies. 

They just dont get it.  We do.  And we make it work for you quickly.  

Where do we start?

A quick call, some questions about where you have been and where you want to go.  We have done very well this past year, are bringing in more talent, and want to start with folks like you.  I hope to hear from you soon!

 quote request

Need more than PPC help?  We design websites, manage email capture campaigns, provide click funnel and Unbounce services.  Just ask us! We do it all in house.